What colour suits my dog?

What colour suits my dog?

Dogs are technically colour blind, and can only recognise yellow, blue and shades of grey, so they won’t know (or care) what colour they’re wearing. We hoomans on the other hand do! 

A collar that compliments your dog’s coat will make your dog's fur seem richer and more vivid in colour. And a contrasting colour will pop, making a great fashion statement. Although it comes down to personal taste, there are some things to consider when choosing the perfect collar and lead for your pup.  

Chart showing what colours suit black, white and brown dogs

Best colour for black dogs

Black is a neutral colour temperature, meaning it’s neither a warm nor cool colour. This means you can go for either a warm or cool coloured collar. Most colours will look great against a black fur, however brighter and bolder colours such as red, green, and pink will really stand out. Metallics and bold patterns will also look good against a black shiny coat. Stay away from black and darker shades of brown as these will blend in too much.

Most suitable colour for white dogs

Just like with black dogs, most colours suit a white dog. White is a neutral colour temperature, meaning it’s neither warm nor cool so both warm and cool colours will suit your white pup. As white is the lightest colour possible, opt for a darker, brighter shade like charcoal, red or blue. Intricate patterns and leather collars also look great against a white coat. Stay away from pastels, nudes, and whites – not only will they get dirty, but they’ll also look washed out.

Best colour for brown dogs

Brown is a warm colour so brown dogs look their best in cool colours such as green and blue. Some brown dogs have a slight red tinge in their coat, if this is your pup, stay away from orange, red and pink collars. Keep in mind that the darker your dog’s coat is, the lighter the collar should be so there is contrast. The opposite applies if your dog has a light brown coat, then you should opt for a darker collar.


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