Collection: Eco-Friendly Dog Leads Australia

Dog leads designed in Australia for adventurous down-under dogs!

We believe in minimizing waste and maximizing convenience, making every walk a sustainable breeze. This is why Ziippup dog leashes are great for your pup and for the planet.

We're all about minimising our paw-print and that starts with using premium, eco-conscious materials. Our highly durable, Staffy tested leads are made from recycled plastic bottles. This tough rPET material can handle pulls and tugs with ease because we want our leashes to be your trusty companion for countless adventures.

Using sustainable webbing is only half of the story. The real game-changer is the built-in poop bag holder. No more dangly bags and unnecessary attachments – the pouch is ingeniously tucked into the lead itself, ready for you to spring into action whenever nature calls. The pouch isn't just for those unavoidable moments – it’s designed to be multi-functional. It comfortably holds a full standard sized roll of poo bags but can equally be used for storing dog treats, keys and even your AirPods!

To show our appreciation for your green choices, we've got a special treat for you too! Our leads are backed by a 12-month warranty, ensuring your peace of mind while supporting a more sustainable future. And when you purchase 2 or more leads, we'll ship them free Australia-wide! We want to make it even easier for you to join the sustainable movement and share the joy of Ziippup leads with the whole pack.