5 facts you didn’t know about Staffies

5 facts you didn’t know about Staffies

Full disclosure – we love Staffordshire Bull Terriers! When walking past a Staffy we automatically smile, and of course, they smile back. Always! But there’s more to Staffies than big smiles and muscular bodies. In this blog we’ll share five facts you may not know about these nuggety little creatures.

  • A dilution gene makes their coat blue

  • They’re known as “Nanny Dogs”

  • They’re born athletes

  • They’re eager to learn

  • They don’t have a lock jaw

Now let’s explore these facts in a bit more detail.

A dilution gene makes their coat blue

Blue Staffies are very popular (and for good reason – they’re adorable) but do your research before you get one of these cuties. Breeding blues isn’t recommended because the blue coat is the result of a recessive gene that can lead to health problems if not managed correctly. In Staffies, this dilution gene dilutes the black pigment in the dogs’ coat to create the blue colour. To avoid health issues, responsible breeders will only breed blue Staffies with other colours.  

Staffies are known as “Nanny Dogs”

Although Staffies and Pitbulls may look similar, they’re not the same breed. The Staffy is sometimes wrongfully labelled as a Pitbull by the media but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Staffies are known as “Nanny Dogs” because of their gentle and affectionate nature. In the early 20th century in their native England, these dogs were trusted family pets and were often left to watch over young children due to their reliable and patient nature. Staffies still have hearts of gold and make excellent family companions.

Staffies are born athletes

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are natural-born athletes. Their strong, muscular bodies are built for agility and strength. These bundles of energy excel in various canine sports, including agility and obedience competitions. Their athleticism is not just a testament to their physical ability but also to their intelligence and willingness to learn. Staffies are known for their capacity to jump and scale obstacles with surprising grace and in the 20th century they were popular performers in circuses.  Keep this in mind when storing things “out of their reach”!

Staffies are eager to learn

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are intelligent and eager to please. Their enthusiasm for learning and their willingness to try new things make them highly trainable and open to various forms of mental stimulation. Many Staffies have a knack for creative problem-solving and can be surprisingly skilled at activities that engage their minds including puzzle toys and retrieving hidden treats.

Staffies don’t have a lock jaw

The idea of Staffordshire Bull Terriers having a lock jaw is a common misconception. They do have strong jaws and teeth, and can be very determined when grabbing onto things, but they don’t have a locking mechanism in their jaws. Like any dog, the Staffy can bite down with force, but they can also release their grip when they choose to or when instructed to do so. The notion of a "lock jaw" is a myth and not supported by scientific evidence.



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