All ziippup leads are made from recycled plastic bottles and the all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional poo bag holders and treat bags. This isn’t just a win for you, but also for our environment!

We use recycled polyester

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the ocean. To help eliminate some of this waste we’re using rPET webbing, also known as recycled polyester, for our dog leashes. Unlike regular polyester, rPET webbing is made from recycled plastic bottles, not petroleum. It has the same benefits as polyester and is lightweight, durable, quick drying and colourfast which is why it’s perfect for dog leads and collars.

Being a brand-new business, we can’t afford to offer 100% sustainable products but we’re working towards it. The storage pouch on our leads is made from regular polyester jersey. 

To learn more about recycled polyester, read our blog post on rPET.

Designed with love down under

All our items are designed and developed in Australia. We wish they were also made in Australia but unfortunately, due to the limited supply and high cost of rPET, our leads are made in China.

Sustainable packaging

All our packaging is made from recycled kraft paper. Please pop it into your paper recycling bin to continue its circular journey.

We ship all our leads in non-plastic, compostable mailers. 

Woman in black dress walking black and white Staffy using yellow ziippup lead