Top 5 off-leash parks in Sydney

Top 5 off-leash parks in Sydney

Sydney is an outdoor haven for humans and hounds alike. As a dog owner, finding a suitable off-leash area for your dog to run free is essential. Luckily, Sydney has plenty of areas to choose from. In this blog we list our top 5 off-lead parks, highlighting their unique features and why both you and your pup will love them.

Centennial Park

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Centennial Park offers an expansive off-leash area, perfect for dogs to play fetch, wrestle or just stretch their legs. The sprawling greenery, serene ponds (no, swimming is not allowed), and winding trails makes the perfect setting for a day out with your four-legged friend. On weekends, the off-lead area turns into a social hotspot for both dogs and their people.  

Sydney Park

It’s hard to beat the award-winning Sydney Park in St Peters when it comes to dog friendliness. With rolling green hills, bushland and swirling walking tracks, your dog will love exploring here. There are several designated off-leash areas and dogs even have their own paddling pool. When you’re tired from all the walking and ball chasing, head to the café for a refuel – they cater for both pups and people. Our founder Annelie and her dog Ebba come here a lot and they still haven’t covered the entire park  it’s huge!  

Birchgrove Oval

Tucked away in Birchgrove in Sydney’s inner west, this park is a favourite with locals. The area next to the oval is off-lead and perfect for ball chasing and socialising with other dogs. If your dog loves the water, make sure you visit the beach at Snails Bay just below the oval. Although there used to be a shark warning sign here, you’ll always see dogs (and sometimes kids) happily playing in the water. There’s are great coffee shop near by and the beach offers sweeping views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

St Ives Showground

Boasting an expansive off-leash area, St Ives Showground is a canine wonderland. The vast grassy fields are perfect for games of fetch, frisbee, and socialising with other dogs. The park has a fenced off dog training ring which is available for hire Monday to Sunday, 7am-8pm. If you’re not organised enough to book, or just want a casual game of fetch, the park is big enough for even the most energetic dog to burn off their energy.

Queens Park

Located in Bondi Junction, Queens Park is always a hive of activity. There’s a big playground, great café and plenty of off-leash space. The park also features sporting fields which are frequented by schools during the week and various codes on the weekend. Be mindful when it’s busy so your dog doesn’t accidentally get caught up chasing a rogue football! With plenty of parking, Queens Park is convenient for out of area pups too.

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that your dog must have great recall and be well trained before you take them off the lead. No one wants dirty paw prints on their picnic blanket, or even worse, have their bbq chicken stolen!

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