5 reasons to adopt a Greyhound

5 reasons to adopt a Greyhound

April is ‘Adopt A Greyhound Month’. It’s an initiative by Greyhound Rescue to raise awareness about Greyhounds as pets and to find loving forever homes for hounds no longer wanted by the racing industry. If you’ve ever thought about adopting a dog, there’s never been a better time to consider one of these gentle giants. 

1. You save a life

The most compelling reason to adopt a dog is the opportunity to save a life. Most Greyhounds available for adoption have been surrendered by their owners or trainers because their racing days are over. By adopting one of these hounds, you give them a second chance at life. And boy do they deserve it!  

2. Hounds are gentle giants

Despite their impressive size and incredible speed, Greyhounds are gentle dogs. With proper training and time to learn ‘how to dog’ and not just race, these hounds can become perfect pets. A few years ago you wouldn’t see a Greyhound outside the racing track but these days they’re well-loved and sought after for their affectionate nature and calm demeanour. Many Greyhounds are also great with kids however, like all dogs, they should be supervised around children, and children should be taught to safely interact with the hound. 

3. Greyhounds are low maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, these dogs don’t need a lot of exercise. Being sprinters, they’re used to getting short bursts of exercise and will happily snooze on the lounge for most of the day. Two quick 20-minute walks per day is often enough. Having spent most of their life in a kennel, Greyhounds will usually fall into a toileting routine quite easily. However, if you’re spending more than eight hours away from home you should get a dog walker or friend to pop over and keep your hound company. Or adopt two Greyhounds so they can accompany each other!

4. Apartment-friendly dogs

Because they’re used to kennels, Greyhounds don’t need a lot of space to be comfortable. They do however feel the cold and will need a warm cozy space to lounge around. With daily walks and some space to stretch their legs, Greyhounds can be perfectly happy in a flat.

5. Less ‘doggy smell’

With their short coats and minimal shedding, Greyhounds don’t need a lot of grooming. And with less fluff there’s less ‘doggy smell’. A healthy diet, weekly brush and the occasional bath is usually all you need to keep their coat looking shiny. The short coat, together with minimal body fat, means that Greyhounds feel the cold – a lot! If you need to wear a jumper, chances are, your hound does too.

In conclusion, Greyhounds can be loving family dogs and should be at the top of your adoption list. And not just for ‘Adopt A Greyhound Month’ but for every month.


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