Is it ok to put a poop bag in someone else's bin?

Is it ok to put a poop bag in someone else's bin?

We’ve all been there – your dog decides to do a poo and there’s no public bin is sight. What do you do? Do you dutifully carry it home, OR do you put it in someone else’s bin?

It’s not illegal (at least in Sydney) to put your rubbish in a stranger’s bin, but it’s very much frowned upon. However, there are times when dumping your dog’s doo doo in someone’s bin is ok. But only if you follow these golden rules.

  1. There are now public bins around.
  2. Your house (and bin) is more than a 2-minute walk away.
  3. The bin must be on the nature strip – you can’t use the bin in someone’s driveway.
  4. You must place it in the correct bin. Poo may be natural, but it doesn’t go in the green bin, it belongs in the general rubbish.
  5. It must be bin night! You can’t let your poo bag fester in some strangers’ bin for a week, that’s just cruel!
  6. Under no circumstances can you put it in your neighbours’ bin. If you get caught, you’ll be forever known as THAT neighbour. It’s also incredibly lazy because your bin is right next door.

There’s only one thing that’s lazier than dumping your dog poo in your neighbour’s bin, and that’s to leave your poop bag on the foot path. Or on the beach, in a tree or on top of a public bin – we’ve seen it all. If you’ve gone to the trouble of picking up after your dog, do the right thing and put it in the bin. Who’s bin you choose is totally up to you.

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